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O CIMJ passou a integrar, com o CECL, o Pólo CIC.Digital da FCSH, agora em fase de institucionalização.

"Children, Adolescents and Advertising" ECREA Symposium 5th-6th November 2015

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From the perspective of advertising, children and adolescents are highly attractive target groups. They are particularly receptive to new ideas and at the same time they are loyal to their favourite brands. Brands already established in childhood are often used for a lifetime.
In the process of their development children and adolescents constantly look for orientation. The enticing lifestyle images advertising stages, therefore, fall on good soil. In order to find out what is "hip" mature audiences draw heavily on the younger. For advertisers children and adolescents work, as it were, as brand and product ambassadors. Of course, children and adolescents have considerable purchasing power of their own.
As a result of changing media consumption patterns among young audiences many advertisers have adjusted their strategies in targeting children and adolescents. Especially in digital media product messages are linked to popular content. No brand appealing to young audiences comes without digital "entertainment gifts": Online games, free music, movies, e-cards, screensavers, exclusive reports about stars, or new products. Above all, the food industry is pushing this development with a lot of pressure and speed. Many of these new forms of "hybrid media content" caught between advertising and entertainment make it difficult for children and adolescents to identify commercial messages correctly. What are the risks of these new strategies that the advertising industry
applies? Which new phenomena can be observed? How do advertisers, children, adolescents and parents react to the changing conditions of commercial communication in the digital era? These questions are focused on at this year's meeting of our TWG in Madrid.

Further, in addition to the examination of the conference theme, this yearÂ’s meeting wants to provide a forum for current theoretical debates as well as empirical studies. Therefore, open panels will create space for innovative contributions. Submissions should provide special relevance or news value for the field of advertising research. We invite all colleagues, especially non-members of our TWG, to present interesting aspects of their current work.

The conference will consider both theoretical and empirical papers in form of abstracts for double blind peer reviews. The conference also welcomes panel proposals consisting of 4 presentations. Authors should provide a 500-words abstract for a single paper proposal. Please note the author names and affiliations on an extra cover sheet followed by an anonymous abstract page. In all cases the panel proposals should consist of a panel abstract (500 words), in combination with abstracts for each of the individual presentations (500 words). Complete panel proposals only– consisting of 4 papers and a panel abstract – are considered for presentation. No more or less than 4 presentations should form a panel proposal. The proposals should indicate a panel chair or respondent.
The conference language is English. Submitted abstracts preferably conform to APA 6th reference style. All contributions should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format or PDF format to:
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Submission deadline for abstracts (paper and panel proposals): 
May 30th 2015, 24.00 CET
Notification of acceptance (paper and panel proposals): June 30th 2015

Registration and Reception:
The fee for registration will be 90 Euro. Students: 45 Euro 

Faculty of Media & Communication Science Av. Complutense s/n 28040 Madrid (Spain)
Conference Days: 5th-6th November 2015



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