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O CIMJ passou a integrar, com o CECL, o Pólo CIC.Digital da FCSH, agora em fase de institucionalização.

ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program 2015 | June 29th,- July 27th, 2015

The Institute of Technology and Society (ITSrio.org) invites researchers, graduate students as well as professionals working with technology policy, to apply to its Global Policy Fellowship Program and spend four weeks* in Brazil at ITS. Last year, we welcomed six fellows from all over the world, who contributed immensely for the success of the Fellowship Program. (See the list of our 2014 fellows here, and what they have to say about their experiences here).

Our Global Fellows will have the opportunity to work with the team who created and developed the landmark “Marco Civil” legislation, a bill protecting fundamental rights, including privacy, net neutrality and freedom of expression, approved as law in Brazil in April 2014. ITS will offer the opportunity to work with research in the five broad areas, namely:

    * Law, democracy and technology (dealing with topics such civic engagement, online participation, and others);
    * Access to technology, justice and human rights (dealing with topics such as connectivity, accesibility, digital divide and others)
    * Internet regulation and Internet governance;
    * Privacy and data protection (dealing with topics such as big data, anti-survailance, data protection and mass surveilance);
    * Rethinking culture, media and education (working with topics such as intelectual property, digital entrepreneurship, art & technology, online teaching, and others).

The ITS Fellowship Program will offer the opportunity for those interested in internet and technology policy to deepen their knowledge about the Brazilian technology context. We have prepared an intensive 4-week* program for our fellows, which include visits to the biggest technology national and international companies operating in Brazil, the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br) and visits to São Paulo and Brasília, including meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture, and Congress members who are advocating for policies related to internet and technology.

During their stay, selected fellows will be expected to:

    * Present at least one public seminar, organized in partnership with ITS. Suggested topics can include: broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and creativity, consumer privacy, open government, government surveillance, data security, data innovation, freedom of expression, democracy and technology and human rights.
    * To publish at least one article or webpost about their experience as a fellow in Brazil.
    * To collaborate with the ITS team and its projects.

Who should apply?

We are looking for students, researchers, and professionals who are following the debates in the public policy field, and who want to spend part of their summer/winter in Brazil, learning about Internet policy. People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. For the selection processes, please send us:

    * Your complete academic and professional resume, including your LinkedIn profile and other online references you want us to consider;
    * A 1-page personal statement about your motivations to work in Brazil;
    * A brief work description of your experience with technology policy;
    * Proposal for a public presentation of your work;
    * Indication of one of the five main areas ITS which you would like to work on;
    * One project or idea you would be interested in developing while at ITS.

Portuguese skills are not required (but English is mandatory).
All documents must be sent in one single e-mail message to  Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar , with the subject “Global Fellows Application :: YOUR NAME”.

Our Fellowship Package includes:

    * Intensive 4-week* program for the fellows;
    * Air tickets to São Paulo and Brasília;
    * Accommodation in São Paulo and Brasília during the days of our visit;
    * Shared office space at our headquarters for four weeks*;
    * A visit to a “samba” music club will also be organized, but is not mandatory;

Our Fellowship Package does not include:

    * International Traveling to and from Brazil;
    * Accommodation for the four weeks* in Rio de Janeiro, where our program takes place;
    * Other costs related to your stay in Brazil other than those mentioned above.
    * Necessary visa to entry the country.

Our team will provide tips and information about how to find accommodation in the city during that time.

Relevant Dates:

Applications deadline: March 20th, 2015;
Announcement of fellows by e-mail: March 31st, 2015;
Fellowship Program will start: June 29th, and will finish in July 27th, 2015*;

* Fellows are expected to stay in Rio from 29/June/2015 to 27/Jul/2015. After this date, fellows can coordinate with ITS the possibility of staying for a longer term if they wish. Visa and costs for additional stays are to be provided by the fellows.




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